Goose Hunting and Duck Hunting in Alberta and Saskatchewan | Crossbow Hunters

The most important component of a good waterfowl hunt is spotting, which is why Cory watch the birds’ patterns for weeks before your hunt even starts. Unlike many other outfitting businesses, where your guide is also the spotter, they do things a little differently. While you are hunting with your guide, be assured that your outfitter is spotting for your next hunt. They also have people in other parts of the area spotting, to ensure that the hunters are where they need to be for the best waterfowling action available.

Combine this with a collection of over one thousand goose and duck decoys for different situations, an unbelievable waterfowl population, and you have what it takes to experience the best of waterfowl hunting.

Most goose hunting is done in harvested grain fields where geese have been feeding in previous days. Geese that are abundant in our area are greater and lesser Canadas, White-fronts (Speckle-bellies), Snows, Blues, and Ross geese. Dark geese are usually hunted using 200+ magnum decoys from willow blinds, goose chairs, or inclined backboards using natural cover which provide good up-close viewing and shooting access as well as safety for the hunters. Under the right conditions, pass shooting can also be very productive with one day of pass shooting often being included in a three day hunt.

Duck hunting is usually done over small water bodies or potholes and can produce many different species of ducks. Usually one or two dozen floating decoys are used as well as a remote controlled spinning wing decoy to get the attention of distant ducks. Natural cover or willow blinds conceal the hunters. Mallards and Pintails are also taken over decoys during the morning goose hunt as they come out to feed. Occasionally there is a set up for an evening field shoot over decoys for big Northern Mallards.

If you like a big target, Sandhill Cranes are numerous in the area and offer some exciting shooting over decoys or pass shooting in the evening. If you have never hunted Cranes before you owe it to yourself to experience it first hand. Known locally as Pteradactals, Storks, Turkeys, Gooney Birds, & Buzzards, many clients consider shooting low flying Cranes, one of the highlights of their trip.

With very liberal bag limits and an abundance of ducks, geese, and cranes, waterfowl hunting opportunities in Saskatchewan are outstanding.

While on your hunt with you favorite crossbow for hunting you will stay in a 1,400 sq. foot bungalow on a scenic farm. The outfitting area is in Central Saskatchewan and lies amidst the Central Flyway in the heart of goose country. The area consists of approximately 4,500 square miles of lakes, river valleys, marshes, potholes, and grainfields providing excellent habitat for waterfowl. Some of the major staging grounds in our area include the South Saskatchewan River and Lake Diefenbaker as well as a Ducks Unlimited marsh and several other smaller yet often overlooked water bodies which play host to a large variety of waterfowl. The area hunted provides excellent hunting opportunities due to very limited hunting pressure and an over abundance of waterfowl.

Typical Day

  • Rise around 4:30 for a light breakfast then head out for the morning goose hunt.
  • Set up 200 magnum decoys before daybreak and wait for the sunrise.
  • Shoot geese up close as they commit to our decoy spread.
  • Return to the lodge after the goose hunt for pictures and a big breakfast.
  • Set up duck decoys on a small water body for some afternoon duck action.
  • After duck hunt pass-shoot cranes in the evening on their way to and from the water or pursue more ducks, possibly an evening field shoot.
  • Return to the lodge for a hearty home-cooked meal, share stories of the day’s events, and relax in comfort discussing tomorrow’s upcoming hunt!
  • Rates & Booking Information
  • Monday to Wednesday (2½ days hunting) – $1200 U.S.
  • Thursday to Saturday (3 days of hunting) – $1300 U.S.

Included in package price:

  • ~Transportation to and from Saskatoon International Airport
  • ~3 nights lodging(Mon – Wed hunt), 4 nights lodging(Thurs – Sat hunt)
  • ~All meals while in camp
  • ~Guide and transportation during hunt
  • ~Blinds, decoys, and land access
  • ~Bird processing(breasted with wing attached) and packaging for transport

Gary C. in the Peace River country

Gary and his crew in the northern Peace River area of Alberta are fortunate to have access to some of the northern most farmland in Alberta with huge grain fields and pea fields being of particular importance. There is an especially large number of ducks and geese that stage here in the early fall to fatten up for the journey south. Gary estimates that between 400,000 to 500,000 birds fly through the area each year.

Marlow and I visited Gary last fall and were treated to an awesome sight of over 5000 Canada geese trying to land in a large pea field over the course of several hours. Gary had his first class blinds and decoys in place, leaving his clients to the handsome work of bring birds to the ground under volley after volley of fire.

An excellent goose hunt with Gary costs $US 1750.00 for a three day hunt which includes food, accommodation, licenses, tax, and airport transfer to the hotel and hotel to hunting area. Bird processing is extra at $3.00/duck and $5.00/goose. You will need to fly into Edmonton and then connect to Peace River, Alberta. All the hunts are conducted within 1 hour drive from your hotel. This is first class goose hunting all the way

Bruce M. on the prairies

Bruce has three and six day hunts on the prairies south and east of Edmonton, Alberta. The hunt is primarily for geese with the emphasis put on morning shoots in the fields, crossbow hunting for white fronted geese, Canada geese, Ross’ geese, snow geese and a variety of ducks such as mallards and pintails. The afternoons are spent pass shooting or jumping ducks and geese on the abundant lakes and sloughs in the area. Putting the sneak on a slough full of ducks and/or geese is pure shooting enjoyment.

The 3 day hunts and take place on Thursday , Friday and Saturday with 6 shooters per hunt. The cost is $US 1500.00/person which includes license, all taxes, airport reception, bird handling, 4 nights accommodation, meals from arrival to departure, 3 days of goose and duck shooting, all transportation to the fields and professional guides. Not included is air transportation, shells, certain refreshments and gratuities. A 50% deposit is required to confirm the hunt with the balance due 60 days prior to hunt date.

Accommodation is at an elk ranch near the hunting area which is comfortable and clean. Your destination is Edmonton, Alberta and we can get you discount airfares if you desire. Your only task is to have a steady hand and be sharp of eye.

Robert on the prairies

Robert and his crew go after ducks and geese with emphasis put on duck shooting. Hunting consists of field shoots for ducks and geese using willow blinds with brand new equipment and decoys. The area east of Edmonton consists of pea, barley and wheat fields with large numbers of birds stopping off to feed. Also, there is a lot of wetland shooting for mallards, pintails, teal, golden eyes, blue bills, redheads and canvasbacks. Lots of pothole shooting as well as crossbow hunting (check out barnett quad 400 review).

The cost of a 3 day hunt is $US 1495.00 per person which includes transportation from Edmonton airport to the hunt area, meals, comfortable hotel accommodation, license, bird cleaning and friendly experienced guides. Robert’s season starts Sept. 15 and goes to Oct.15. A $US 500.00 deposit is required to confirm with the balance due 60 days prior to the hunt date.

Dave down South

Dave has a great little lodge down in southern Alberta right on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. In fact, this location gives Dave a very unique opportunity to offer waterfowlers a chance to hunt a variety of birds in two different provinces. You see, hunting geese in Saskatchewan in the morning and ducks and upland birds in Alberta in the afternoon gives a wonderful diversity of shooting and doubles your bag limits.

Facilities at the lodge include 6 private bedrooms, stands for your hunting crossbows and guns, meals and games room with hosted bar and pool table. The cost of a three day hunt is $US 1375.00 which includes pick-up and return to Calgary, accommodation, meals and all hunting logistics. Not included are licenses and taxes. Dave requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking and the remainder 30 days prior to the hunt.

Not included in package prices:

  • ~Ammunition(we can have it available for you)
  • ~Saskatchewan hunting license (approx. $95 U.S.)
  • ~ Alberta hunting license (approx.
  • ~Firearm permit($50 Cdn. – approx. $32 U.S.)
  • ~Goods & Services Tax (3½%)
  • Bag limits in Alberta and Saskatchewan:
  • ~8 dark geese daily(only 5 white-fronts) and 16 possession limit(10 white-fronts)
  • ~20 white geese daily and 60 possession limit(Snow, Blue, and Ross’ Geese)
  • ~8 ducks daily(only 3 may be pintails) and 16 possession limit
  • ~5 Cranes daily and 10 possession limit (Saskatachewan only)

Other relevant Regulations Include:

  • ~legal shooting time is from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset
  • ~non-toxic shot is required for all waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan and Alberta
  • ~shotguns must be plugged so as not to hold more than 3 shells in total
  • ~Hunting is not allowed on Sundays in Saskatchewan or Alberta