Dry Herb Vapes For Smoking Marijuana

For someone like me this vape is ideal, I don’t vape all that often (some weekends and occasional nights) and it effortlessly gets me to where I want to be. Unlike other models the MFLB has a steep learning curve and is initially hard to use. After inserting the battery it begins to heat up and after 3-5 seconds you begin to inhale the vapour, the trick is to inhale at the right speed to keep the heat in the chamber consistent. After a few sessions you will have the hang of it, after a month you will have mastered it. The upside to this is you are able to control how much vapour you want, believe me when I say its very easy to overshoot and get too high with vaporizers as the high creeps up on you far more than smoking.

So the vape requires a little more tweaking than others, a crucial step towards a good experience is making sure your herb is very dry and ground to a fine consistency. This maximised surface area and produces better vapour. As result of these caveats the MFLB is far from ideal in group situations, passing it around people who have not used one before is rather frustrating. If you want group sessions this is not the right vape for you, for one or 2 who are willing to learn its great.

By now you probably know what makes the best dry herb vaporizer for marijuana, this vape has saved me a small fortune in herb, I love how discrete it is. I can pull it out of my pocket have a pull and return it within 20 seconds, no heat up time. If you have used a portable dry herb vape, chances are its this one. The pax is extremely popular recently announcing over 500,000 units had been sold. The pax comes in at a $250 price point establishing itself as a premium portable vape. Like the magic flight launch box the pax is very portable, it easily slides into any pocket and doesn’t look out of place on a desk. Its sleek design is accomplished with a few trade-offs; namely no removable battery. However this will only become an issue for very heavy users.

I previously mentioned that the MFLB is rather useless in group situations, the pax improves on this and once it has been turned on and heated up its as easy to share as a joint. You are easily able to pass it around the circle and all you have to do is draw from it. You might find yourself having to refill the pax rather often as it has a rather limited capacity as most other portable vapes, luckily its straight forward to do this. I think the biggest issue with this vape is the limited heat settings, low barely does anything, medium works initially that produces little vapour and high burns very often.